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Week - April 5th Results
1st Sabakusousou3
2nd Firespaws
3rd espadajustin

Well done to all participants, see you next week.

You may have noticed we've been away for more than a week but we're considering starting the AMV contests up again soon. If you have any ideas or want to contribute in some way, email us at narutolinksadmin@googlemail.com, see you soon!

AMV Competition

Our Weekly AMV comp. is open to anybody, just follow the rules on the left of the page. If you win, your video will be on our homepage for a week until the next comp. winner, and you will be entered into the annual competiton for a prize (depending on comp popularity). The closing date for entries is Saturday night of every week.
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Main News

As you have probably noticed, YouTube and TV Tokyo have been clamping down on Naruto videos like mad recently, so theres always the possibility that they could remove one of your contest vids. We will keep YouTube as our main base for now but if they continue taking down vids at this rate - we might consider somewhere else such as metacafe or veoh to upload your vids. Basically the less popular the upload site, the harder it will be for people to find and remove your vids, we will keep you updated though.
- Just an update, two of our contest AMVs have been removed from YouTube for copyright infringement already, I would strongly recommend you uploaded to Metacafe or Veoh from now on.

Anothr small update on this (5/4/09), its now pretty much impossible to keep episodes up on myspace or youtube, even the previously lenient veoh have started to take down the eps in mass. This may be due to the episodes being released on crunchyroll now for a subscription charge so it would be in our best interest to support them in that and perhaps add a manga reader to the site - since thats legal! I'm currently reading through the manga novels and I've just finished vol.42 which ends half way through Sasuke and Itachi's battle, I've seen a few spoilers of where the current manga is at so I know theres a fight going on between Naruto and Pein so I'll have to catch up with that soon, can't wait until this is made into anime! Later Naruto fans.

Naruto/Shikamaru - Never too late

A well edited amv for you's focusing on Naruto and Shikamaru midway through Shippuuden. Music is 'Never too late' by Three Days Grace >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jG2iq-jURIQ

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Naruto Chapter 478

An exciting manga chapter indeed! First we see that Danzou implanted quite a few Sharingan eyes in his arm only then to find out he's also powered his arm up with some of Hashirama's DNA, next he'll be on the steroids!

Hopefully in the next chapter we'll find out what Izanagi consists of.

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Jiraiya sets out!

While some people are still pretending to enjoy the episodes even though they know the storyline, I've been up to date with the manga for a while now so the episodes feel just like new!

Jiraiya seems to have set out on a journey that I doubt (I know) won't be easy for the big fella'. He is one of the Legendary Sannin though, so surely he can take care of himself, right? He's only going up against the only know Rinnengan user, the dojutsu that gave birth to the ninja world, who hasn't lost a single fight, ever. Woops, spoiler alert...

It should be an interesting fight to watch animated anyway, later!

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Latest Manga

As anyone who has read them will know, unless you don't know what good manga is, the last few Naruto Manga chapters have amazing.

Most of this years manga has made an excellent read but in the latest ones things are really heating up. There are new theories floating about a lot of different parts in the manga, one of which will surely be a theory on what Tobi meant by 'to become whole' when asked about why he was collecting all the tailed beasts. Maybe he does have something to do with Obito, a ridiculous thought I know.

In Sasukes part of the world he is faced up against the Raikage, an extremely powerful ninja that I'm surprised we haven't heard of until now. In the last chapter we saw Sasuke take a heavy blow from the Raikage as he flew through the Amaterasu sheild, undoubtedly causing his arm to be reduced to nothing.

Lets hope this story keeps developing instead of winding down, the last thing we want to see is the end of Naruto!

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Naruto Shippuden The Movie - Overview

The world is about to come to an end. An evil has awakened and only a priest has to the power to seal him back up. Neji as Jounin is sent on a mission with Lee, Sakura and Naruto. They must protect the Priest so she can perform the sealing to lock up the demon. The Priest has a vision of Naruto dying and being stabbed in the back by a purple dragon like figure and bleeding with a hole in his body. Naruto become a little scared because he finds out that the Priestess has had 100 visions of people dying or being killed and all of those predictions have come true not one has been wrong. Will Naruto be joining the count of all the dead? Watch it and see. by NejiKaguya

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Madara Uchiha vs Pein?

The story is now coming to a point where you are made to wonder who will take charge of the Akatsuki. It is of course going to be one of two, either Nagato with his Pein bodies or Madara so really its a battle between the best Sharingan user and the best Rinnengan user - which is more powerful, Rinnengan or Sharingan?

We only know a little about the Rinnengan so we assume it only has one state and in that state its said to be the most superior of the three Ocular Kekkai Genkai. The Sharingan on the other hand has three main states, normal Sharingan which gives the ability to read movements, copy jutsu and cast genjutsu.

Then there is the Mangekyo Sharingan, aquired by killing somebody close to you. Abilities depend on the user but so far we've seen the Mangekyo giving abilities such as powerful genjutsu, space/time distortion and black flames called the Amaterasu that burn until it consumes the target. The downside to the Mangekyo is that the user eventually ends up blind if they overuse it which brings us on to the next Sharingan level, the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

The EMS is aquired when an Uchiha with Mangekyo recieves another Uchiha (who also has Mangekyo) members eyes, this merges the two patterns of these Mangekyo to make one and gives the user 'Eternal Light' meaning the user will not become blind if he uses the Mangekyos abilities a lot. We are told that with the EMS comes many new Mangekyo jutsu so we can only imagine what other abilities Madara has since we've already seen him make any jutsu pass through his body.

From what we've seen I'd like to think that the EMS would prevail over the Rinnengan and unless Naruto kills Nagato in the upcoming manga or the story suddenly ends then I hope we will see a Sharingan vs Rinnengan battle sometime soon!

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